The day [year] of becoming a white lotus

Their marriage can only be achieved under abnormal circumstances. If you want to follow the right path, it is purely a daydream. Annam Wangfu can never go to her home to ask for marriage and then marry her in a red sedan chair.

Meihua pouted, "This man is really funny!"! Where does someone throw a cup on someone else's house? What is it? She had to clean it up carefully. There were several children in the family. There was a little bit of debris that was not cleaned up. The child was pricked. Did he come to pay for it? "It's really not a thing!" Wu Liang replied and went back to his room. Is it all right? Bai He asked with concern, after all, is also the immediate superior, do not give face is one thing, really tear the face is another thing. It's all right. You don't have to be so careful. I said I wouldn't let anyone bully you again! Wu Liang stepped forward and embraced the white lotus. Ah! I'm rancid all over. Stay away! Bai He blushed and reached out to push Wu Liang. I don't mind! Wu Liang did not let go, but more tightly, "this time is also a blessing in disguise, as expected, my transfer order will come in a few days, when the time comes, we change places, far away from these annoying people, no one bothers you any more." What? Bai He was surprised. "What's going on?"? Transferred to where? Is it because this thing is affected? Of course not! Wu Liang chuckled, "My old leader wanted to transfer me to the past. When I was fighting, I followed him. Later, after the battle across the river, I stayed and separated from the original troops. My original contribution was enough, but there was some lack of seniority. The position of deputy brigade commander vacated a few days ago should have been mine, but I happened to be absent and was exploited." I have been a regimental commander for 8 years, and I should have moved long ago. Now there is no position. My old leader has always wanted to transfer me,7g Ozone Generator, and the division commander is embarrassed to stop me again. The old leader promised me that he would be a deputy division in the past, and then few of them would dare to provoke you. It must be more comfortable than here! "Is it reasonable to jump several levels in a row?" Isn't that a bit of a span? "Not every place has a brigade, there is no brigade level except logistics, so it is directly a deputy division, and there is a new sharp knife unit, the subsidy treatment is better, in short, it is better than here,steatite c221, but as a rule I should go to study for a period of time, then you have to stay here for a period of time, or you can go back to your hometown to live for I'll pick you up after I come back from my study. Of course, Bai He was willing to go home and stay, so the plan was settled. Ma Dandan's punishment was announced before Wu Liang's transfer order came down. She was a member of the art troupe, that is to say, she was also a soldier. The army could directly issue a punishment order. It was estimated that she wanted to kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey. She was afraid to report the spread of this unhealthy trend in the army. It was originally estimated that she was only demoted and was directly persuaded to quit. Yan Fenqiang was also implicated in the transfer to the logistics department. However, before the transfer order came down, He found a relationship to transfer himself, and he probably felt too embarrassed. Do you really want to go? Chuchu went to the door as soon as he learned that Wu Liang was about to be transferred. Bai He nodded. Yan, isn't he going to be transferred? There's a place here. You don't have to transfer it, do you? Chuchu was very reluctant to give up. That's not what I said. I'm not used to the climate here. In addition, I have so many things to do here. I really think I'm not in harmony with here. Besides, the southwest has a good life. Although we won't be together in the future, we can often write letters and exchange what we need. I heard that there are many kinds of food in the southwest. You can rest assured that I will not forget you and will send it to you. White lotus joke. Chuchu is just not willing to say a few words in vain, alumina c799 ,ceramic welding tape, whether to transfer these things, where they can decide, heard the white lotus said so, also no longer talk, just go home to see what gifts can be sent. In addition to Chuchu, the rest of the good people Baihe are also the same reply, fortunately, she is doing confinement, in addition to a few really good friends, other people even want to leave some incense or something is not good to disturb her, but much more quiet than imagined. After the month of confinement, Bai He held his daughter in his arms and directed the rest of the family to pack their luggage. The situation was like yesterday. More than two years ago, she also came to the northern part of the motherland in this way. Now, she is about to leave here and follow Wu Liang to the southwest of the motherland. "We'll just take our carry-on luggage and go back. Here I told the army not to arrange for people to come in for the time being, or arrange for people to find a place to put our things. When I come back from my study, I'll write to Lao Luo to help me send them out." Wu Liang looked at the messy house because of moving and tidying up, stepped over to his daughter-in-law and kissed her, reaching out to tease the little girl with her eyes closed. Uh White lotus answer, to put the wooden boxes in the compartment one by one filled the living room, Wu Liang study to half a year, spring began, although the weather is cold now, but consider half a day white lotus or decided to leave first, one is while Wu Liang has time to send them home, two is aunt they came out for a long time, homesick, but has been holding back. But Bai He can't just pretend he doesn't know. Made a complete preparation, white lotus line of people finally returned to the village before the Spring Festival, home has already been tidied up clean, the things needed have been purchased, even the bedding, was coaxed warm and alive, the southern winter land is not frozen, but also winter leisure, it is a good time to build a house, in order to be afraid to come back to the child was frozen, Wu Liang specially drew a drawing and sent it back urgently. Let the family set up the Kang first, and when Bai He came back, he could already sleep. No wonder she said that her daughter was her father's lover in his previous life. Before she came back, she thought about everything. Unlike me, after two years of marriage, no one was afraid that I would be cold. In the evening, sleeping on the warm Kang, Bai He looked at Wu Liang and began to stare at his sleeping daughter and could not help but sour. Wu Liang's hand, which was originally on his daughter's small bundle, suddenly shrank back. "Daughter-in-law, you really wronged me. Isn't this Kang also afraid of the cold?"? At the beginning, I didn't know how to work on the Kang. As soon as I returned to the army,Ozone generator ceramic plate, I went out on a mission. Later, you were going to join the army. I didn't mention it. You see, a child's quilt is warm as soon as she is wrapped in it. She doesn't have to move. How can she be cold? It's mainly for you! Bai He didn't believe his lies and rolled his eyes. "What's your daughter's name?" 。