Their marriage can only be achieved under abnormal circumstances. If you want to follow the right path, it is purely a daydream. Annam Wangfu can never go to her home to ask for marriage and then marry her in a red sedan chair.

At this point, Yu Wanqiu remembered to ask, "When you went back to the palace by car today, didn't you say that you would accompany me to the reception banquet and then go back to the East Palace to sleep, and then you would rush back to the naval camp?"? Why didn't you get the banquet and leave? Cho Woo-hee buried his head in her neck and muttered, "It's just to accompany you.". When I left halfway, I went to my father to discuss a solution with him. My father was very reasonable and offered to accompany you in the afternoon, because when you entered the East Palace for the first time, my father was afraid that someone would cheat you. Yu Wanqiu smiled and said, "Your father probably knows that all the female officials in the East Palace belong to the Empress Dowager." Ordinary palace maid Mammy, fawning on the Crown Princess is too late, but also dare to deceive strangers? Even Zhao Youxi's guards were respectful to her, and the people who originally belonged to the East Palace must be afraid of Zhao Youxi. Only the senior nuns on the queen mother's side dared to rely on their old age and sell their old age in front of her. Cho Woo-hee kissed her earlobe and said with a sigh, "You're finally willing to tell me the truth." "What?" She dodged and refused to let him kiss her, which was her sensitive area. They had been tossing and turning all afternoon, and now they were starting again. That would be too. "Yin Zhangyan may be outside again," she warned. Cho Woo-hee clasped her hands on his knees and held her tightly in his arms. He liked this position very much, because they were the closest to each other. He said apologetically, "Something's wrong with you since you had dinner. You feel that you are surrounded by the Queen Mother's trusted followers, especially when they are in charge of food and medicine. You feel very uneasy,Kamado bbq grill, don't you?" Yu Wanqiu hurriedly apologized: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so suspicious, they are all your grandmother's people." Cho Woo-hee kissed her hair and said, "Fool, what are you sorry for? You are very alert. This is very good. Although I don't pay much attention to the harem, I also know that in the harem, the closest relatives can't be trusted." He believed in his mother and drank the chicken soup she scooped up without hesitation. What happened? " Of course,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, there is no such problem between us, because we are one, you are me, I am you. But for everyone else, I'm glad you're on guard, I really am. Yu Wanqiu turned sideways and kissed him: "Thank you for understanding me and protecting me." Zhao Youxi felt even more guilty: "No thanks. It's all my fault for my negligence. I didn't think so much when I heard their surnames.". Just now I went to inquire about it. Qiu Zhang came from the Wu family. He was the steward's daughter-in-law of the Wu family. Now both husband and wife have gone to the queen mother. "What about the other female officials?" "The other ones are the queen mother, and the queen mother will definitely leave a few places for the queen mother." "My God, why isn't there a simple background?" She can only sigh, home is a place for people to rest, if it becomes a place of secret war, what is the interest? Zhao Youxi comforted her and said, "I will go back to the Empress Dowager Ming tomorrow and send all these people back.". The female officials of the East Palace can be your own nurses and maids, and the original Mammy of the East Palace can also be promoted. Although they are also sent by the queen mother, they have been with me for many years and only recognize me as the master. Yu Wanqiu hesitated instead: "Not for the time being, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, observe for a period of time." "Aren't you worried?" "I'm a little worried, but if I send all the female officials appointed by the queen mother back at one time, it's tantamount to openly challenging the queen mother. After all, the queen mother is an elder, and I dare not openly oppose her." Then she won't be able to live in the palace. Tongren Volume Chapter 196 Broken Sun Floating Flowers Chapter 196 Broken Sun Floating Flower Yu Wanqiu did not leave the palace the next day. When she first arrived, she was surrounded by eyes and ears, and she dared not act willfully. When Zhao Youxi got up, she woke up and asked, "Do you want to go out with me so early?" Yu Wanqiu shook her head on the pillow, and she thought too, but "let's wait until you get the pass." "What certificate?"? Are you talking about the waist card of the palace? "No, it's a favor to my father." It is estimated that no one dares to stop her from leaving the palace, for fear that she will be called to a lecture by the queen mother afterwards, reminding her to pay attention to her identity or something. She is afraid of wordy, afraid of trouble, deep palace life is not easy, she does not want to leave a handle for people. The imperial concubine goes out of the palace without authorization, really want to investigate seriously, can be a very heavy charge. Cho Woo-hee promised her, "I'll get it for you soon." When he went to the naval camp, he couldn't help himself. He might not be back until very late, so he didn't dare to promise today. In front of his beloved little wife, he wanted to be a man of his word forever. Yu Wanqiu said with a smile, "You don't have to be in such a hurry. You can talk about it at the right time. But don't annoy your father.". This was her only chance to leave the palace in the name of a quasi-military officer and rush about the affairs of the court, and only for this reason could the emperor show extra mercy. So don't miss it. Court life was harder than she had imagined, and from yesterday to now, what she had learned most was two words: rules. There are rules for eating, there are rules for sleeping, there are a lot of people staring at what they do, and even the couple's sex is recorded by a special person. Every time she thought of this, she felt embarrassed, but helpless, unless she did not do the imperial concubine, otherwise, she could not but abide by the rules and etiquette of the palace. Since she was married to a man destined to be a prince, she had to accept all this. She began to miss the days before and Zhao Youxi together, although unstable, but free, no matter the barracks or other gardens, no one set rules for them, nor so many pairs of eyes staring at her every move, searching for her mistakes, and then ran to report to the queen mother and queen. But even so, she still thanked God for letting her marry Zhao Youxi. It is not easy for them to get to where they are today. The crisis of the Annam Palace made the Annam King proclaim himself emperor. Many of his shady mistresses became imperial concubines,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and she was also the least qualified to ask about the throne of the imperial concubine or the crown princess. If everything goes on as usual in the Annam Palace, it will be very difficult for her and Zhao Youxi to have a result. Their marriage can only be achieved under abnormal circumstances. If you want to follow the right path, it is purely a daydream. Annam Wangfu can never go to her home to ask for marriage and then marry her in a red sedan chair. global-ceramics.com