There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

Chu Zheng laughed softly. He lowered his head and took a sip of tea. He said in a light voice,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, "Sir, you are a great talent. It's right that I and other mortals can't understand it for a while. As long as we work together and are willing to wor

The servant girl also knew Mrs. Li. She had seen Mrs. Li several times before when she went to the Jade Pavilion to secretly pass the news to Wutong. She looked around nervously, but when she saw no one, she quickly put the coppers away and said, "Mrs. Li, I know. You go back quickly so that no one will see you." With these words, the servant girl hurried away. Mrs. Li wandered back to the Jade Pavilion like a person who had nothing to do. In the evening, the servant girl came to the news, saying that after Guo had sorted out the account book, she saw that there was no silver in the account, so she forced Mrs. Gan to take out the old lady's warehouse key. Guo Shi took a Mammy and a rough woman into the old lady's warehouse and rummaged around. Chapter 1005 every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. "Miss Ming said that there was a new set of jewelry in the old lady's warehouse for the watch girl. Before the old lady had time to send it to the watch girl's warehouse, the third wife took it away, saying that the old lady had bought it with Gongzhong silver. Now, there is no silver in Gongzhong, so she can't chew it out of the account, so she has to pawn it and give it to the house first." Inside the Emerald Pavilion, Mrs. Li stood respectfully aside, reporting to Su Huaining. There were also eight hundred taels of silver found in the jewelry box in the house. The third wife said that they were all public silver. She said that the slaves who had been sent away last time had sold six or seven hundred taels of silver. In addition, they had been found in the slaves'houses, totaling eight or nine hundred taels. The old lady had not paid for them and had embezzled them. The third wife wanted to take away the silver note, and no one below dared to stop her. The old lady could not move or speak, but her mind was clear, and when she saw that the third wife wanted to take away the eight hundred taels of silver she had saved with all her efforts, she became anxious. Unable to speak, he could only stare ferociously at Guo, shouting in his mouth. Without hearing this, Guo put the silver ticket into her bosom and looked at the hourglass in the corner. Seeing that it was getting late, she was about to leave. Mrs. Gan stood out and stopped her, saying, "Third Mistress, this hundred taels of silver ticket is the old lady's private house. Third Mistress can't take it away." "Pow.." Guo Shi raised his hand and slapped Mrs. Gan in the face. He said angrily, "The old lady didn't go out to earn money. She didn't make a living. She didn't make a profit. Where did she get her private house?" "Last time I sold sixty or seventy slaves. One slave had ten taels of silver, and it cost six or seven hundred taels of silver. The old lady also took all the silver from the bundle on her body. It added up to more than eight hundred taels. The silver was all from the public. Where was a penny from the old lady's private house?" As the Third Mistress spoke, she became furious and slapped Mrs. Gan in the face. "Everyone is running out of food. The old lady has been in charge of the house for a while. Not only has she not been careful to live for the people in the house,304 Stainless Steel Coil, but she has also withheld everyone's money everywhere, saving only for her own private house." "No wonder there's a rumor outside that the old lady wants silver when she dies." "Mrs. Gan, I tell you, if you know the current affairs, you will continue to stay in the house in the future, but if you are not interested, I can also sell you." Finally, Guo approached her and threatened in a low voice. He added, "Don't think that with the support of the old lady, I can't do anything about you. Whether the old lady's illness can be cured in the future depends on God. So you'd better behave yourself in the future." Guo threatened her coldly. As soon as Mrs. Gan's face turned white, she dared not stop Mrs. Guo any more. Mrs. Gan was very loyal to the old lady. However, the old lady was ill and could not do anything to protect her. If she was not interested and quarreled with Mrs. Guo, Mrs. Guo would really sell her. She is so old, was sold by the host family, the future life will certainly be difficult, even if the change of a master to serve, she can only do a rough woman, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, do rough work, which is now the master's personal woman life is better. Mrs. Gan thought about herself and looked at the old lady staring at her angrily on the Kang. Mrs. Gan stamped her foot and said, "The old slave saw the third wife off." So Guo left with the silver in his pocket. Every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost. The old lady could no longer be her backer and could not protect her, so she had to choose a new master as her backer. Guo, the new head of the family, is undoubtedly the best candidate. Chapter 1006 is not a good thing. "Miss Ming hid under the window outside and heard clearly what was going on in the house. Mrs. Gan took refuge in the third wife. Girl, if you go to serve the disease at night, you have to be careful of that old man. That old man has been with the old lady for decades, but he is not a good man." Said Mrs. Li. In the evening, all of us will go, and so will you. Su Huaining said, "when the time comes, what should be done outside, what to do, she a slave, also dare not bully to my head." If Mrs. Gan dared to play tricks on her, at the worst, she would send Mrs. Gan a bag of powder, and she would not be welcomed by the old lady. At least she was the master of the Su family, and it was not a slave's turn to bully her. When Mrs. Li heard this, she was relieved, but she still exhorted, "Girl, you are too young to wait on the old lady. When the time comes, let the old slave wait on the old lady. Girl, you should stay away from her. The old slave is worried that the old lady will make things difficult for you." "Don't worry, if you don't speak or move, how can you make things difficult for people?" Su Huaining's face doesn't care. After dinner, Su Huaining took the three of them to the Millennium House. Before she left, just in case, she put her jewelry box into the space. Although there were some ordinary silver hairpins, silver bracelets and other ornaments in it, there were too many things to hold. It added up to fifty or sixty taels of silver. And the ornaments on the ancient shelf, more than ten taels of silver, were taken into the space by her, and put some worthless poetry, prose and other books on it, after sorting them out, she went to the Millennium House. Also do not blame Su Huaining so guard against Guo Shi, Guo Shi in the Millennium House after the benefits, all hidden in their own warehouse, and then, she sent to monitor the Jade Pavilion, said that when there was no one in the Jade Pavilion, Guo Shi was thinking about the things in Su Huaining's house. Immediately, Guo Shi took advantage of the night with two women secretly went to the Jade Pavilion. First, I searched for a while in the house where Su Huaining lived, but unfortunately, I didn't find anything, not to mention the silver ticket, not even a silver naked son. The dressing table was clean, and there was not even a jewelry box. Open the drawer,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, inside a wooden comb, a few silk flowers, add up to not worth one or two silver.