National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter

I'm going to flirt somewhere else so I don't hurt my eyes. Xia Siyu really couldn't stand it and didn't think about his loneliness. We're not flirting. What do you mean by hurting your eyes? Yang Cheng said fiercely.

Chu Jin frowned slightly, "I don't know what's going on." Since the rebirth, she is the first time to encounter such a situation out of control, is this what the system said from the way of heaven? Violet's expression is very deep, sitting on the stone bench without saying a word, as if thinking about something. Originally, a Zi can also have such a serious time. Chu Jin narrowed his eyes. So, what secret does he have to hide from himself? The rain was getting heavier and heavier, there were almost no pedestrians on the road, and the night was heavy and depressing. About thirty minutes later, the car stopped in front of Huaguiyuan. Mo Qianjue took the lead in getting out of the car, opened the black umbrella, and then went to Chu Jin to open the car door for her. The umbrella surface poured down, and most of the rain fell on his shoulders, wetting the plain white long-distance race. Chu Jin looked up at him in a shallow tone, "Mr. Mo, you go back first, I'll go in myself." Mo Qianjue's tone could not be ignored. "I'll see you off in such a heavy rain." Just then, a bright light came, and a black Bugatti Veyron stopped directly in front of them. In the bright light, the thorn of Chu Jin subconsciously raised his hand to cover his forehead. At the same time, the wind stopped and the rain stopped. Chapter 428 (first watch). The heavy rain came and went quickly. The air was fil with that sweet smell of earth after the rain. Very fresh. The black Bugatti Veyron almost melted into the night. Mo Qianjue held an umbrella and looked in the direction of the Bugatti Veyron. Chu Jin was standing beside him. His umbrella was still tilted to her side, and drops of water from the tip of the umbrella dripped on Mo Qianjue's shoulder. Moments later, the door was pulled open. A long, slender and powerful leg first stepped out of the car door. Looking along the long leg at night, it was a cold facial features with sharp edges and corners. The delicate face like a knife was hidden in the night, looking hazy and mysterious. A strong and cold aura was irresistible. The Lord of the Mo Family,push back racking system, who massacred the city as a teenager, is famous in the three realms. The matchless childe of the city is also a deterrent to all directions. Both men have heard of each other's prestige. But we've never met. It belongs to the kind where the king does not see the king. I didn't expect to meet under such circumstances. Although Mo Qianjue had never seen Mo Zhixuan, he also knew that the man opposite was Mo Zhixuan. He raised his eyebrows lightly and looked quietly at Mo Zhixuan. The man is very tall, long and straight legs wrapped in hand-made suit pants, slender and straight, side face looks delicate as carved, like a piece of jade, but the facial features are a little cold, as if covered with a layer of frost, the whole body exudes coldness, lips are very thin, almost all pursed into a line, thin-lipped people are fickle, I do not know how Chu brocade looks at this kind of fickle person. Subconsciously, automated warehouse systems ,industrial racking systems, Mo Qianjue had no good feelings for the head of the Mo family. This kind of person, thin and cool to the extreme, cold and heartless, serious and old-fashioned, there is no tenderness to speak of, with him there is no pleasure at all. Chu Jin's vision is really bad! And it's extremely poor. The two men looked at each other, seemingly calm, but in fact they were full of gunpowder. Neither of them looked down on the other. Thank this gentleman for bringing my fiancee back. Mo Zhixuan took the lead in breaking the calm, three steps and two steps, holding Chu Jin's wrist, pulling her to his side, swearing possession. You're welcome. "Mo Qianjue put the umbrella away, polite and gentle." This is what I should do. " In a word, it is very artistic. This is what I should do. It's like you're giving your girlfriend a gift. So natural. Mo Zhixuan looked as usual. Mr. Mo, this is my fiance, Mo Zhixuan. Chu Jin took the initiative to introduce that she had a premonition that if she did not open her mouth to say this, her little wrist would be pinched off by Mo Zhixuan. Sure enough, after this sentence, the man's anger disappeared by half, and his strength was not so great. It turned out to be the head of the Mo family. "Mo Qianjue took the initiative to stretch out his right hand to Mo Zhixuan." I am Mo Qianjue. " Mo Zhixuan reached out to hold his hand, very cold and proud to spit out two words, "shame." A contest between two men begins with a handshake. It seems that the other side has no strength. There was a gentle breeze and drizzle on his face, and even a faint smile. In fact, in the dark, the two men have been fighting for several rounds. The waves are surging. Rival meet, especially jealous! Neither of them gave way to the other, and both of them exerted their greatest mental strength. Is Mr. Mo not feeling well? Are you so pale? For a long time, Mo Xuancai let go, his face was as usual, and his voice was low and gentle. What the fuck How shameless this man is!? I am so clearly thanks to him! How dare he say such a thing! Mo Qianjue is holding a breath, do not go up, especially uncomfortable! A pair of sharp Ruifeng eyes tightly staring at Mo Zhixuan, dark eyes at the bottom of the murderous. Mo Zhixuan only glanced at him lightly, and his thin and cool lips were slightly raised. "It's getting late. Older people should not stay up late. Especially for an old man with a weak constitution like Mr. Mo, they can't blow the night wind. His face is white. Mr. Mo should go back to rest earlier. Ah Jin and I won't keep you." Mr. Mo spoke with a straight face and walked into the house with Chu Jin on his shoulder. An elderly man? A frail old man?! Mo Qianjue is going to be so angry! But also can not directly rush up to fight with Mo Zhixuan. Fighting or something, it's ungraceful! Can only helplessly watch two people into the house, for a long time, full of anger into the car, start the engine away. Mo Zhixuan, right? A cold, cold, cold man. A woman will not like this kind of man. Since he can make his first fiancee bow down for himself, he can naturally make his second fiancee bow down for himself. Speaking of it, he also indirectly cuckolded Mo Zhixuan. Had it not been for him,asrs warehouse, it is estimated that Mo Zhixuan would have achieved success with Zheng Chuyi. Thinking like this, Mo Qianjue's face eased a lot, and the pain in her hands eased a lot.