Not many people know the four secrets of the tape measure. How is the tape measure made? Cut open the internal structure

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Originally published as Not many people know the 4 secrets of a tape measure. How is a tape measure made? I'll show you the internal structure. Point Internal structure of tape measure Tape measure is a very common tool in life, but we often find that many of its designs are difficult to understand when we use it. In fact, every seemingly strange design on the tape measure is not a chicken rib, but we don't understand their real use. First, if you look at the tape measure carefully, you will remember that there is a hole in the hook of the tape measure. So what exactly does it do? The following picture will make you understand in an instant. Yes, it can be stuck on the nail like this, and then you don't need another hand or another person to help you fix the tape measure. Second, the edge of the tape measure hook is not flat, but toothed. Its use is when you need to draw a line in the measurement place, and there is no pen in your hand, press it on the position where you need to draw a line and rub it a few times, you can draw a line to help you identify. Expand the full text Thirdly, mini tape measure , the front end of the tape measure can be moved, and the length of the first grid is generally shorter than that of the second grid. Many people think that the design of this activity will affect the accuracy of the tape measure. However, in fact, the flexibility of the hook is a very important quality requirement for the tape measure. In fact, if you use a tape measure to measure the outer diameter of an object, you need to pull the tape back so that the measurement result is accurate. If you measure the inside diameter of an object, the tape measure hook itself has a thickness, and you need to retract the movable distance. This is why the front end of the tape measure is designed to be flexible. Fourth, we often see a number marked on the tape measure shell, but we don't know what it is used for. For example, the tape measure is marked with the number 65mm, so what is it used for? In fact, it represents the length of the tape case. If you measure the length of the window and you can't read the exact number at the corner, the number on the tape measure will play a huge role. You need to place the tape on the same plane, with the housing of the tape stuck at the bottom, and then read the length on the tape, plus the 65mm length of the tape itself, and you get the exact length of this distance. The design that we thought was superfluous in those years actually contained such a mystery. It turned out that the design of the tape measure was far more magical than we imagined, and these secrets we did not know for so many years were also magical enough. That's how tape measures are made, you know. Mechanical Frontier: jixieqianyan Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.