Custom Core Drill RigsCustom Core Drill Rigs

Custom Core Drill RigsCustom Core Drill RigsCustom Core Drill RigsCustom Core Drill Rigs

Custom Core Drill Rigs Product Description XY-44T series spindle core drill rig with tower is integrated with main machine and drill tower. It has a compact structure and reasonable layout. All the components are exposed without any overlapping. Therefore, it is easy to maintain. The drill tower is pyramid-shaped. The tower is light in overall weight, light in individual components, and has a small number of disassembly, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The tower has its own crane, which is convenient for ground installation. When the drilling rig retreats during operation, the tower can be tilted to compensate for the retreat distance to ensure the centerline of the hole center and the center of the pulley. The tower body can be adjusted clockwise to drill oblique holes. Easy to adjust and wide range of adjustment. Suitable for drilling large angle holes. Technical Specifications ModelXY-44T Specifications of Drilling RigDrilling Depth700-1400m Max. Torque3200N.m Spindle Stroke600mm I.D of Spindle93mm Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle120kN Max. Feeding Force of Spindle90KN Max. Hoistind Force45KN Engine Power37kw Specifications of The MastDrill Tower Height10000mm Area of The Base4000x4000mm Number of Pulley5pcs Max. Load of Mast100KN Load of Moveable Work Platform80kg Adjusted Angles of Drill Tower45掳~90掳Custom Core Drill Rigs website: